Making Money

out of Technology


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GPI operates on trust to work with employees, partners and clients towards a common goal

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Knowledge Network

GPI develops or identifies and applies state-of-the-art knowledge in any field of its activities

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GPI works with top-of-the-line talents independent of geographical or cultural boundaries

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Personal Growth

GPI provides an inspiring environment for its team members, partners and network participants

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Quality Standards

GPI works to the highest standards in research, analysis and implementation of innovative concepts

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GPI’s ethical guidelines prevent involvement in businesses that harm humans, animals or the environment


GPI provides expert consulting to clients in a wide range of industries across Europe, North America and Japan.

Drawing on a broad expert base from its own resources and its partner companies GPI has assisted clients in areas such as

  • new business generation
  • product and process development
  • venture and spin-out formation
  • investment strategies

In the area of investment strategies GPI specialises in investments in technology, products and services.

GPI manages a pipeline of carefully selected technology projects potentially being turned into assets.

Opportunities are provided by shareholders, partners, technology centres, finance institutions, clients or its world-wide network.

GPI reviews opportunities with its partners and network, before either investing and/or offering finance, business and engineering resources in return for an equity position. GPI then takes an active interest in exploiting the opportunity, e.g. through selling, licensing, incubation, straight forward start-up or joint ventures.



WoodWelding SA

We invent, develop, refine and license out a new, innovative fixation technology, applicable in a wide range of materials – reaching from wood: WoodWelding® – to bone: BoneWelding®.


SpineWelding SA

SpineWelding AG is a Swiss medical device company developing implant solutions for the human spine, using the patent protected BoneWelding® technology.


VetWelding GmbH

VetWelding AG is a Swiss veterinary orthopedic company established in 2017, using the BoneWelding® technology.


SportWelding GmbH

SportWelding GmbH is a Swiss medical device company that develops implant solutions for the Sports Medicine, Foot/Ankle and Hand/Wrist market based on protected BoneWelding® technology from WoodWelding SA.


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Board Member

Dr. Urs Isenegger

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Board Member

Pernilla Plasonig

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Robert Kvist

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Dr. Tom Lauda

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Dr. Val Livada

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Managing Director

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Plasonig

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Andrea Stutz



Centre for Business Innovation, Cambridge

Creating Collaborative Communities


Creaholic SA, Biel

Leading Swiss technology consultancy


Frei Patent Attorneys, Zurich

Experts and professional services for Intellectual Property


Miraki Innovation, Boston

Making revolutionary ideas revolutionary companies


TMI, Japan

Business Model Creator Circle


Chairs of Entrepreneurial Finance - Technical University of Munich

One of the leading universities in Europe


Vienna University of Economics and Business - Institute for Strategic Management

One of Europe’s largest universities of business and economics.


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